Current ProgressΒΆ

Houdini-asyncio is currently in its early stages. This table shows the current state of Houdini-asyncio.

* - Takes effect cross-client.

Feature Support
/ Legacy Vanilla
Waddle Yes Yes
Snowballs Yes Yes
Safe-chat Yes Yes
Stage script Yes Yes
Special moves Yes Yes
Emotes Yes Yes
Membership Yes Yes
Egg-timer Yes Yes
Donate (cfc) Yes Yes
Item inventory Yes Yes
Playercard Ban Yes Yes
Playercard Kick Yes Yes
Playercard Mute Yes Yes
Player reporting Yes Yes
Ban notes N/A Yes
Stealth Moderation N/A Yes
Buddy list Yes Yes
Requests* Yes Yes
Pending Requests N/A Yes
Accept Requests* Yes Yes
Best Buddies N/A Yes
Buddy find Yes Yes
Buddy search N/A Yes
Character requests N/A Yes
Character accept N/A Yes
Ignore lists Yes Yes
Dig for coins Yes Yes
Stampbook Yes Yes
Stampbook editing Yes Yes
Stampbook pins Yes Yes
Stampbook awards Yes Yes
Earn stamps Yes Yes
Character stamps Yes Yes
Puffle dig stamps N/A Yes
CardJitsu stamps Yes Yes
End-game stamps Yes Yes
Invites Yes Yes
Recruitment Yes Yes
Com messages N/A Yes
Field ops Yes N/A
Paychecks Yes Yes
Items Yes Yes
Spy Phone Yes Yes
Tour Guide  
Recruitment Yes Yes
Paychecks Yes Yes
NP Experience  
Intro N/A Yes
Quests N/A Yes
Decorating Yes Yes
Furniture inventory Yes Yes
Igloos inventory Yes Yes
Flooring Yes Yes
Igloo map* Yes Yes
Music Yes Yes
Flooring inventory N/A Yes
Locations N/A Yes
Soundstudio tracks N/A Yes
DJ3K tracks N/A Yes
CardJitsu mats N/A Yes
Adoption Yes Yes
Puffle health Yes Yes
Wild escape N/A Yes
Igloo feed Yes Yes
Igloo wash Yes Yes
Igloo play Yes Yes
Igloo sleep Yes Yes
Walking* Yes Yes
Hats N/A Yes
Rainbow Quest N/A Yes
Gold Quest N/A Yes
Backyards N/A Yes
PH tutorial N/A Yes
Feed stations N/A Yes
Wash stations N/A Yes
Sleep stations N/A Yes
Play stations N/A Yes
Pizza station N/A Yes
Wild return N/A Yes
Digging N/A Yes
Tricks & Digging N/A Yes
Sending* Yes Yes
Single-delete Yes Yes
Mass-delete Yes Yes
Sound Studio  
Recording N/A Yes
Playback N/A Yes
Public playback N/A Yes
Party cookies N/A Yes
Transformations N/A Yes
Code redemption Yes Yes
Book code redemption Yes Yes
Treasure Book! Yes Yes
Table Games  
Find Four* Yes Yes
Mancala* Yes Yes
Treasure Hunt* Yes Yes
Waddle Games  
Sled racing* Yes Yes
Dance competitions* Yes Yes
Ninja Progress Yes Yes
Purchase cards N/A Yes
Gameplay Yes Yes
Regular Match Yes Yes
Sensei Match Yes Yes
Ranking Yes Yes
CardJistu Fire  
Gameplay Yes Yes
Regular Match Yes Yes
Sensei Match Yes Yes
Ranking Yes Yes
CardJistu Water  
Gameplay No No
Regular Match No No
Sensei Match No No
Ranking No No
CardJistu Snow  
Gameplay No No